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WRT54G, the fun never stops!

So, myself and some others have been playing more and more with the WRT54G, and starting with Thorn, and now CK3K and myself we have rigged up various setups for it to be wireless, power-wise.

A little thread of comments about it here:

And high-res pics of my setup here:

To do:
Tonight(?) I'm going to work on making the plug system better/more modular. So you can plug the battery into the wrt and the charger without doing anything but move the plug, so hopefully all size M coax plugs. I'll also be putting the battery inside the WRT and see how that performs (Heat? Accidental contact with PCB?), there isn't much room to spare at all in there, so I'm worried about it falling off the top and sitting on the PCB and melting or causing a short or some other bad thing. Not sure how to attach it to the top of the WRT, drill holes and use zip ties? Not sure, but.. this is fun!
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